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Industrial Project

The world food and nutritional supplements companies are predicting that the Moringa products shall acquire than 10% share of the industry in coming years, while companies in the cosmetics field are expecting its enthusiasts to embrace it within their industry. Present volume of trade of Moringa products in international market is not enough to qualify it as a commodity, but it is nevertheless a growing market worldwide . Originated from India, Moringa trees are now found in Ghana, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Niger, Mozambique, Cambodia and Haiti. Today, the Global Moringa Market is estimated at more than US$ 4.5 Billion, which is expected to cross US$ 8.3 Billion by 2020, growing at a rate of more than nine per cent annually.

Why should Moringa be value added?

There is an important place for Moringa in terms of value addition process. There are more medicinal properties for the Moringa available in Tamil Nadu. And it is consumed directly as food in Tamil Nadu. Hence, the value addition in Moringa is surely meant for those who live abroad. The Moringa available in our country has more market opportunity abroad than within. Most of us could have known only about powdering the Moringa and selling it. But many are not aware that Moringa has a huge international market to an extent of separating all its parts including its seeds.

Value added Products of Moringa

Through value addition process all the parts of Moringa, such as its bark, leaves and seeds can be sold. There are so many varieties of products from Moringa that could be gained through value addition, starting from Moringa powder to Moringa tea mux, Moringa strawberry mix, Moringa peppermint, Moringa bark oil, seed oil, leaf oil, Moringa dhal, Moringa oil cake, Moringa shampoo, Moringa soap, Moringa face cream and Moringa soup mix.

Points to Consider during Processing

While drying various parts of Moringa such as leaves, bark and seeds, they should not be dried on the floor. It will add dirt and dust if dried on the floor, making them unclean. The value added Moringa products are mostly sold abroad and therefore making a clean product is very important. If the product is not clean, it cannot be accepted abroad except for the local market. Therefore, the leaves can be dried using solar driers so that the product is dust free and also the product is heated at the optimum temperature and used accordingly. Similarly, the seeds can also be dried and the outer coat can be polished so as to increase its profitability. That kind of product is what is appreciated and desired in the market. For the value added products quality is the primary requirement which could be supported by the modern technologies

  • Client Name - Nicholas Y. Coleman
  • Client Company - Vijaya Krishi Mandal And Anusandhan Kendra
  • Project Start Date - 08-04-2018
  • Project End Date - 22-06-2018


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