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Dragon Fruit Commercial Contract Farming

The dragon fruit (Hylocereus sp.), a new introduction in India, is highly valued for its reported Neutraceutical properties. It is a climbing vine cactus species with most beautiful fruit in the family Cactaceae that has beautiful flowers and is nicknamed as ‘Noble woman’ or ‘Queen of the Night’. The juicy flesh of the fruit is delicious in taste. As dragon fruit is climbing cacti, support is essential for their growth and development. Our scientists used concrete poles as trellises for durability of the plant as the life of the vines is as long as 20 years. The concrete pillars are supported by a square structure in the top to train the vine for bearing purpose.  


The initial establishment cost is little high in the dragon fruit especially for the construction of trellis but once the plants are established, the fruits can be harvested continuously upto 20 years. After establishment of the crop, only minimum expenses are required for maintenance of the dragon fruit plantation. This dragon fruit is packed with excellent health benefits and has good demand in local as well as international markets. In the Islands too, the fruits have good demand and imported fruits are marketed presently at the rate of Rs 200 to 250 / kg. Dragon fruit cultivation in the islands could be a viable option for farmers and entrepreneurs of medium to large scale plantations. It is a fast return potential fruit crop with production in the second year of planting.


Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

This fruit helps in controlling Diabetes, lowering  Cholesterol, high in fats and proteins, good source of antioxidants, help in preventing arthritis, helps in improving hearts health, helps in weight management, helps in fighting  against ageing, helps in preventing asthma , helps in high in vitamins and minerals.


Dragon Fruit Cultivation

Climate required for Dragon Fruit Cultivation

Dragon fruits can tolerate poor soil conditions and temperature variations. Tropical climate is good for dragon fruit cultivation. The optimum temperature range is about 20 - 45oC. Also it needs about 500-1500 mm annual rainfall with alternate dry and wet climatic condition. It need good sunlight, but not suitable for long period. At that time shading is important.


Soil Requirement for Dragon Fruit Cultivation

This fruit can be grown on wide range of soils from sandy loam to clay loam. However, sandy soils with good organic matter and internal drainage are best for its cultivation. Soil PH of 5.5 to 7 is best for Dragon Fruit cultivation.


Growing dragon fruit nursery plants is still not as prevalent in India as other countries. But we at NOARF are a leading name in offering you some great services and not just agriculture and horticulture consultation but now we accommodate project management consultancy, engineering services, agro-processing innovations and a lot more.



We get our products from the best and with each day we are working harder on improving ourselves. We have a wealth of experience regarding field and others. We will not let you down. We are here offering you exceptional customer service with affordability. We give you dragon fruit nursery plants which are in their best health and will offer you a healthy plant at the end from which one could profit.

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