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Cordyceps Production

Developing Commercial Cordyceps Production 


  • Increase the number of species available for commercial mushroom growers in India
  • Increase profitability and longevity for mushroom farmers. 
  • Expand the market for mushroom farmers. Allow mushroom farmers to move into the high value market of supplements.
  • Educate farmers and consumers what cordyceps is and how it is gown.
  • Improve health through consumption of agricultural products.


Cordyceps is one of the highest valued mushroom cultivated in the word  currently. The Indian market and other for cordyceps is rapidly growing in the supplemental and herbal markets, generally higher value markets than fresh produce. This creates an opportunity for gorwers in India to diversify their products while serving a growing market demand.  We measured the impact of each on yield. The difference between Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinensis is important to distinguish and necessary for both farmers and consumers. Cordyceps Militairs is a species that grows in India.

NOARF has became an education and spawns business. We now have two high yielding strains of cordyceps in our culture library. We can now grow these high value mushrooms with some profitability.

Cordyceps As Medicine

There is a long list of potential benefits people can receive from cordyceps including Anti-Cancer, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial activities. Equally as long, the list of compounds that are active and found in cordyceps include cordycepin, cordycepic acid, adenosine, polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes. 

NOARF’s provide services are as per contract farming of C Militaris

  • Education & Training of Concept
  • Spawn / Culture
  • Trained & Expert Man Power
  • Technical Support
  • Supervision of Production / Development Process
  • Lab Test facility for Ready Crop
  • Buy-back Crop Agreement        

Company under taking Project (CUP)

  • In this segment company will provide four types of contract farming are:
  • Basis Contract
  • Production Contract
  • Marketing Contract
  • Technology License Agreement

Generally, Cordyceps was utilized as an energy enhancer, aphrodisiac and to tackle respiratory afflictions. However, the demand for C. militaris based supplements is increasing in throughout Europe, North America, Asia pacific, Latin America and Middle East. 

  • Client Name - RAJ
  • Client Company - Vijaya Krishi Mandal & Anusandhan Kendra


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