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How To Initialise The Dragon Fruit Commercial Contract Farming Process?

Posted by Admin on October, 12, 2021

Drago fruit is nowadays gaining more popularity in North India while its main farming is done in the Southern States.
Apart from this, it is also available in Assam, Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Haryana. The profit of Dragon Fruit Commercial Contract Farming is dependent on many unknown factors. Hence, you can dream of getting favourable income & costs from the farming of Dragon fruit.

Why Prefer Dragon Fruit?
Many Indians live on exotic fruits for which daily fruits are their main meal. Previously, we preferred peach, pear, green apple, and kiwi fruits. But now dragon fruit is consumed regularly as an alternative fruit as it has a huge network of commercial production and easy import facility as well.

It was previously imported from Vietnam and now it is a great income opportunity for farmers & entrepreneurs. You should know about its profits, income, and overall investment in running a dragon fruit farm in at least a 1-acre area.

The inception of Dragon Fruit:
The demand is on top for dragon fruits. You will get extensive health benefits from the consumption of Dragon fruits. In every agecategory, people may rely on dragon fruits.

It is sweeter as compared with other fruits. Even people are considering the jam & jelly made with Dragon fruit as well. Hence, the farming of dragon fruit will be on the mark if you follow the systematic path.

Types of Dragon Fruits Found in India:
There are many types of Dragon fruits available in India.
• Pink Dragon Fruit: Edible Endocarp and Epicarp are the types of pink fruit.
• Red-White Variety: It is the same as pink fruit just the edible portion is white.
• Yellow Fruit:It is also another type of fruit.

How to Start the Farming?
It is advisable to proceed with transplanting and cutting because other processes may take a huge time. In the significant area of farming, you will have thousands of plants for which transplanted structure of cutting is also applicable.
The average cost for any dragon fruit plant is Rs 30. The cost is quite differentin North & South Indian states. You can add significant income to your wallet from its cultivation.

Rental/Land Value of Farm:
It may have a huge cultivation area as per the final call of Dragon Fruit Commercial Contract Farming. It will be a productive business after the sustainable effort of five or more years. Hence, the rental value would also vary depending on the production rate.

The cultivation of barren lands would generate profit to bring a healthy business. In India, the farming of dragon fruit is still a new thing. You need to know about the overall development & growth of dragon fruit.
The labour cost associated is quite low as you need only one person for manual tasks. On average within 10K per month, you can manage both labour and nutrition for the plants.
You must take care of the content of macro & micronutrients as well. Controlling pests and insects is also another case to grow your production. Keep searching for more useful topics related to dragon fruit farming.

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