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Everything You Need To Know About Contract Farming

Posted by Admin on April, 23, 2021

Agriculture is the only source of revenue in India. In India, about 50% of people are agriculturally based. In the Indian economy, agriculture plays an important role, with about 58 per cent earning as a result of farming. It is our economic system's backbone. Contract farming services in India provide the method by which the soil surface is worked, seeds planted and plants are cultivated.

What is Contract farming?
An agreement between a buyer and a farmer that sets conditions for production and marketing farm produce or products can be termed contract farming. The farmer usually accepts that a particular agricultural product is provided with accepted quantities.

This should comply with the purchaser's quality standards and be provided by the purchaser when specified. In exchange, the purchaser undertakes to buy the commodity and, in many situations, to promote output, for example through the provision of farm inputs, the preparation of land and technical advice.

To alleviate the problem of contract farming, the balance of the benefits for farmers and companies was preserved on the market.

It is essentially a detailed cooperation agreement between agriculture and processing companies, where farmers must supply in a given time frame the agreed amount and quality of crops. In return and at a predetermined price, the cooperative company offers to purchase the production crop from farmers, which they have both agreed to make.

Objectives Of Contract Farming:
● Contract farming services also help farmers generate for every farmer a permanent source of income.
● It also creates jobs in rural areas, paying farmers for fieldwork and for many other agricultural activities.
● The demand for the central and state occupancy systems is reduced.
● Private sector investments in agriculture are also growing with the aid of contract agriculture.
● It also focuses on the demand for Indian farmers to pick crops.
● This overcomes the degree of migration of rural people to urban areas because of unemployment in India.

Why Do We Need Contract Farming?
● The risk of farmers will be decreased by 80% when a pest attack occurs, the output of rain will be lost, and for whatever reason, the farmers will not bear the risk, and they will in effect be compensated for by 0% of the risks.
● The most important part of contract farming is that the farmers would pay at the market sale price with no intermediary in this Agreement.
● In order to achieve fair profit from their harvest, contractual farming was implemented for the advantage of the farmer.
● The predefined output to be paid to farmers is significant.
● The farmers get the seeds and the right equipment for producing the crop through contract farming.
● The farmers' awareness increases and their market value in output is increased by contract farming.

Final Words
Contract farming gives farmers a guaranteed demand that enhances their production potential. For the best manufacturing company, farmers have quality goods like breeds and the best consultants to provide farmers with effective advice.
It decreases unemployment in rural areas, and because of contract farming, more farms are being compensated and are enjoying a good lifestyle.

Contract farming activities help to increase our country's economic value among other nations.

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