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Dragon Fruit: The Delicious Fruit Of The Fall

Posted by Admin on February, 15, 2021

When you imagine or talk about dragons, the few things that go synonymous with them is a vibrant-colored and green-scaled fire-exhaling creature. But if you have ever come across a dragon fruit, the same adjectives go synonymous with the item, except of course the fire-exhaling aspect.
However, did you stop by thinking about the surprising health benefits that the weird-looking fruit might be having? The dragon fruit nursery plants are rapidly growing in popularity, but it is good for your health, and should you be consuming it? And how exactly can use the plant?

Dragon Fruit: What Is It?
A tropical fruit, Dragon fruit is known to grow on the Hylocereus cactus, which is otherwise termed as Honolulu Queen. The plant is quite exotic in looks and thrives within the vicinity of vine-like trees and rocks. The white flowers are opened by the cactus exclusively at night, and this is how it has come to know as the Lady of the Night/Moonflowers. The Chinese legends have it that the fire-breathing dragon formed the dragon fruit in a battle.

What’s So Interesting About Dragon Fruit?
The bright and leathery part of the fruit’s skin isn't the sole unique part of the dragon fruit. The insides of the fruit are something unique as well, that you wouldn’t come across anywhere else. The very first time you cut open a dragon fruit, you would be taken aback by its exclusivity. The most interesting part of the fruit is its white pulp with tiny black seeds and resembles an Oreo milkshake.

The Top Health Benefits by Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruits Comprise of Prebiotics
Prebiotics play a fundamental role as a fertilizer and contributes to the good bacteria of your gut system. The red flesh of the dragon fruit comprises a bountiful of oligosaccharides, which are one kind of prebiotic.

Dragon Fruits Improves Your Digestion Power
As you might be aware, fiber is imperative for digestive health and dragon fruit is loaded with the best quality fiber. Specifically, a fiber form that can minimize the possibilities of cancers, obesity, and heart-related ailments. A cup of pitaya includes about seven grams of fiber.

Dragon Fruit Enhances Your Immune System
The pulp of dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants, like vitamin-C, which in turn is amazing for your immune system. The antioxidants also assist your body to prevent cell damage from degenerative diseases.

Dragon Fruit Fights and Staves off Cancer
Dragon fruit consists of antioxidants which are knowns as hydroxycinnamates, which can aid in cancer. Dragon fruit also comprises lycopene, a robust compound that is present in tomatoes and has been found to stave off natural and chemical toxins.

It Keeps Your Blood Sugar in Control
Not just the fiber but the dragon fruit helps maintain your blood sugar. Adding some pitaya to your regular diet can keep stabilizing your blood sugar after consuming glucose-spiking foods.

Dragon Fruit is Good for Your Skin
The vitamin c present in your dragon fruit can help improve the immune system. It also aids in boosting the production of collagen, which can keep your skin supple and healthy.
Dragon fruit nursery plants that have evenly red skin is always the best choice. Before you wish to eat it, try washing it thoroughly under running water. Use a sharp knife to slice it and you can use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and enjoy it. Dragon fruit is one of the most impressive fruits and fun to consume.

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