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Agro-Forestry Project

The Indian sandalwood tree (Santalaum Album L) is perhaps the planet’s most expensive wood, because of its cosmetic and therapeutic value. There is huge international demand for it, with its fragrant heartwood priced at over Rs. 10,000 a kilo. This tree grows very well in South Indian soil, especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and needs very little water.

Fruiting happens throughout the year, and the tiny fruits attract birds like parrots and cuckoos. And while we eventually cut the trees to harvest the wood, during their lifetime they, like any other tree, function as a carbon sink and generate oxygen.

Chandan(Sandalwood) Tree can be planted in row system at a distance of 15x15, 15x12 ft  each with a host plant (Casuraina, Moringa,Lamon, Amla, etc.) in farm houses, boundaries of school and college etc.

A chandan tree we can get 15 to 25 Kg of Heartwood after 12 to 15 years and the market value(rate) of Heartwood  is Rs. Approx 12000/KG (Rate as per the quality of Heartwood). So the Rate of per tree sits near about 2 to 2.5 lakh as per today’s market. And on the other side other host tree like Moringa, Lemon, Amla etc. starts  giving fruit of approx Rs. 1000 to 1500 per tree per year after 3 years and additional income of inter cropped crop can be added in farmer’s profits.

Benefits of Agriculture with Sandalwood ?

  • Agriculture with Chandan(Sandalwood) would provide Sustainable & legal source of Sandalwood.
  • Reliable Supply: To develop products using this High-Quality Oil.
  • Stable Market Price: Consistent supply will help limit volatility in price as compared to wild sourced products
  • Purity: Buyers can rely on a purity of a professionally grown and processed sandalwood products.
  • Improved & Quality Control : Products can be produced under strict Quality control.
  • Environment: Socially responsible, Eco-friendly sandalwood production with limited impact on the environment.

Sandalwood tree growths are depending on the many factors.

  • Selection of land
  • Selecting the sandalwood spices
  • Host plant management
  • Irrigation management
  • Pest and disease control management

In the local market, these sandalwood trees are very much demanded. So, you can get the good returns from this Sandalwood tree cultivation. This all information that is required for any farmer or investor to grow the sandalwood tree.

  • Client Name - Brandon J. Erwin
  • Client Company - Custom Sound
  • Project Start Date - 15-06-2018
  • Project End Date - 05-07-2018


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